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Mile High Tweezer

Mile High Tweezer

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  • 90 degree 
  • Titanium black finish coated matte black
  • Ridged finish on the inside surface of tweezer blade.
  • No sweet spot
  • Entire blade is the sweet spot
  • Firm strong grip for perfect fan pick up
  • Sharp tips for fan creation
  • Light to medium tension
  • Perfectly suited to create Volume & mega volume

Tweezers are all handcrafted with highly durable Japanese steel  & hand tested by Master lash artists with .03, .05 , & .07 diameters to ensure quality/consistency during performance. Tweezers are designed/developed by & for lash artists.

Please clean off any debris or residue with alcohol/hospital grade wipes & soak tweezers in EPA approved disinfectant before use. Please be mindful of soak time & do not leave tweezers immersed in disinfectant for extended periods of time because it can dull tweezers finish. Store tweezers in a sterile and closed container after sanitation.

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